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Deanna Troi in “Face of the Enemy
Episode 14, s06


Way to go Kes, taking charge! Plus bonus Janeway stare down

make me choose
startrekslut asked: Trip or T’Pol



Once I am hopefully a successful adult, I want to teach a class on the psychology of Voyager. There are bunches of examples besides the scene above that I think would be interesting. We would talk about how Neelix feels suicidal when he doesn’t find the tree, how Seven feels when the rest of the crew is in stasis, if the Doctor is sentient, how a commander would feel when faced with such a hopeless situation and how the crew would realistically and ideally respond, the benefits of a Borg hive mind, some Prime Directive choices, the effects of caffeine, how the Vidians stop at nothing for organ, or how the two opposing crews would transition.  I could spend a whole freaking month on Equinox probably…

The way the crew would react when they get back to the alpha quadrant, especially how would Naomi and Seven cope with it ,their entire experience is on Voyager.

Tuvix, did they do the right thing? should they have let him live? was it fair to Neelix and Tuvok if they did? was it ethical? if it wasn’t then what action would have been?

The constant stress that the entire crew was dealing with, the fear that at any moment they could be left helpless and alone in a such dangerous place with nobody on their side. How do they deal with this? It will certainly affect their behaviour, how? Is there a point in which it turns into paranoia? If there is, then which one is it? 

There are so many questions to analize, not only on Voyager but on all of the Treks. That is my favorite thing about the series, they make you ask yourself some questions you have probably never even asked yourself.